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Think style guide meets social networking. my Enterprise UI is social software. It's designed to help your team track, follow, monitor and participate in the discovery and resolution of questions and issues.



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Expert Validation, Auditing and Answers

my Enterprise UI is not a stand alone "figure it out yourself" product. Instead it combines part User Experience consulting and part collaboration tool. UX experts from Experience Dynamics review your specific UI's, provide learning topics specific to your interfaces and you even get training and targeted training topics to help your team get over a learning curve on a UI topic.




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Learning, Sharing, Improving

my Enterprise UI helps teams get answers fast but also ensures learning is happening. First, design guidelines are specific to your company and project or product UI's, not general "pie in the sky" usability rules. Next, users can flag or comment on a UI to actively dialog and ask "why?". Topics can be flagged for external expert input. Training topics can even be requested to create on the fly "brown bag" learning sessions.




my eUI Design Audit


Compliance through one version of the truth

my Enterprise UI helps keep your team compliant on interface decisions. Team members can discover the status of a UI element, and can even cross-collaborate to ensure UI best practices are surfaced and utilized across the enterprise.


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