Q: What are the benefits of using myEnterprise UI over my existing systems?

A: Your existing systems probably consist of a Word doc or PDF ("Style Guide") that sits on your company Intranet. Teams we've worked with over the years complain that such style guides are difficult to use, difficult to find, difficult to collaborate on and worst of all not relevant or specific to the UI problem being solved. MyEnterprise UI helps make UI and UX standards relevant, just in time and facilitates rich social collaboration. This means your team can focus on improving your interfaces and not stuck figuring out what and where and how to find and use design guidelines. 


Q: How does it work?

A: We start by auditing your existing UI environment. This gives us insights into which usability guidelines and Interaction Design principles relate to you. This audit forms the foundation of the living, breathing style guide used by your team. Next we provide and suggest upcoming seminars for your team-- or they can flag topics that interest them. After a few weeks required for set-up, your team can start using a UI Style Guide that is meaningful. Our ongoing quarterly external auditing and providing leading edge best practices, as well as resolving specific UI disputes among your team. 


Q: Why is this service so expensive?

A: The cost of the service is due to the unique nature of myEnterprise UI. There is an up front consultation, a usability review of your interface. Next, best practices specific to your usability issues are provided. To avoid UX mistakes, most teams would find value here alone. There are also seminars provided (normally fees for these) from Experience Dynamics- a leading UX consulting and UX training organization. The Knowledge Base and Forums are curated by usability experts to provide industry and third party validated best practices. Think of it as a UX consultant in a box for your team.  


Note: The pricing is based on quarterly renewal. If you do not renew, don't worry, all your information is available as a frozen (not editable or updated) version. This covers you for future access or if you want to renew at a later date. Now, how cool is that?


Q: Can I try it first?

A:  No, sorry- due the nature of the consulting work required to get a working capture of your UI challenges. However, we can provide a demo so you can get a feel for what it is like. 


Q: What types of results can I expect?

A:  Your designers, business analysts, developers and product managers can unify best practices based on the guidance of UX experts. The alternative? Believe someone over in marketing or engineering and trust that what they say is "best" practice, is indeed valid. The UI Style guidelines we create for you are based on industry standard best practices, new trends, our own experience and in many cases any usability work you are doing internally. Each UI element is tagged with approval status. This lets you embargo a UI element until user testing or a UX expert blessing has been completed. A true compliance monitoring system!


Q: Who should use myEnterpriseUI?

A:  Companies and organizations that are doing or starting to do UI, UX and usability work. The tool is for mature enterprises as well as for companies new to UX. It's been designed for companies, based on real world demand, who want to capture best practices and lessons learned. It's also for those who want a practical, validated and approved set of user interface design guidelines to help development and design teams stay on track and move quickly. 



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