myEnterpriseUI is a practical, team collaboration product created 'in the trenches' by Experience Dynamics. Experience Dynamics is a world-class User Experience consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon with  offices globally. The deep user interface and usability expertise comes from our Fortune 500 experience working with desktop, Web and mobile products for 13 years of success. 


UI Style Guides are important documentation, knowledge and best practice sharing. Yet many organizations suffer from poorly maintained, poorly used and stagnant PDF's sitting on the company Intranet. The demand for this product came from the sad state of UI Style Guides. Many organizations we have worked with all have a screaming need for a better Style Guide strategy.



myEnterpriseUI addresses the following very real problems: Keeping style guides live and breathing; Offering relevant best practices for your product; Keeping usability compliant and top of mind with employees, contractors and managers. Request a personal demo now! 




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